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Anlaby Station, Hamilton, South Australia

Andrew Morphett is an experienced businessman in Financial Services and Hospitality Management. He is also a grazier and current owner of Anlaby Station, Australia's oldest continuously operating mainland Merino stud.



Settled in 1839 by Frederick Dutton, Anlaby is the oldest continuously running merino stud on mainland Australia. Frederick was an astute farmer and business man. In addition to his farming ventures, he had considerable holdings in the mining industry....

John graduated from the University of Sydney with an Economics degree and holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (UNSW). After completing his MBA, John worked for major Australian Companies Brambles and CSR. John has also served on the boards of a number of public companies and government entities, including as Vice Chairman of Trust Company and Deputy Chairman of Dairy Farmer’s Milk Co-Operative. Government appointments have included serving on the board of Sydney Catchment Authority and as the inaugural Chairman of NSW Local Land Services.


Community service includes roles as Chairman of the Upper Nepean Water User’s Association and a member of the Hawkesbury Nepean Management Forum. John also served as treasurer of the Camden Show Society for a number of years and served one term on the Board of National Trust (NSW) in the 1980’s.

John and his wife Edwina are the current custodians of Camden Park and have the responsibility of maintaining Camden Park and its agricultural activities as a family home and going concern. They share an interest in both historic properties and gardening and during their custodian ship of Camden Park have both undertaken and overseen many projects that have preserved and enhanced the historic features of Camden Park and its garden.


My wife & I have lived in Camden Park for 30 years. In one sense we are the most seasoned and battle hardened of custodians, however through another lens we have simply been on a fortunate journey, supported by many outstanding people ....




Camden Park, Camden, NSW





Bungaree Station, Clare, South Australia



Sal Hawker arrived as a qualified teacher from a farming background in South Africa. She married George Hawker in 1973 and took on the challenges of managing an iconic and historic farming property with energy and enthusiasm. Recognising both the public interest in the property and the need to maintain the property’s extensive buildings, she developed the hospitality business from the ground up, starting with guided tours before converting buildings into accommodation and function venues. The property has been recognised with State and National Tourism Awards for heritage and culture, plus the RMW Outback Heritage Award and an UNESCO award.


Sal’s daughter, Victoria Stewart returned from working in the UK to take on the day-to-day management of the hospitality enterprise at Bungaree with her husband Mark in 2010. Like every generation at Bungaree, Vicky and her siblings see their roles as stewardship, overseeing the evolution of the activities at Bungaree to ensure a viable business and the maintenance and improvement of the property for future generations.


Established in 1841 by the Hawker family, this iconic property became the headquarters of one of Australia’s most successful sheep flocks, at a time when the country was said to ride “on the sheep’s back.” It became a small village, with ....




Conrad Gargett Architects, Brisbane, Queensland

Robert was the Founding Director of Riddel  Architecture before his practice joined with Conrad Gargett Architecture in 2012. He is now a Principal of Conrad Gargett with

expertise in contemporary design, the adaptive reuse of existing buildings and heritage conservation.


Robert has taught history and tutored in design studios at QUT and University of Queensland. In 2008 he completed his PhD in architectural history at The University of Queensland where he is currently an Adjunct Professor. His work was subsequently published as a book entitled ‘Robin Dods: Selected Works’.


Robert is a former member of Brisbane City Council’s Independent Design Advisory Panel, the AIA National Heritage Taskforce and the Queensland Heritage Council. He is currently a member of the Ministers Heritage Working Group.


Nindooinbah, near Beaudesert in SE Queensland was one of the initial properties heritage listed, when the Queensland Heritage Act was passed in October 1992. First settled in 1842, the property passed through a number of ownerships until ....




Bishops Lodge, Hay, NSW

Mary Lou moved to Hay in 1985 with a History Honours degree and a profound naivety about lifelong volunteer commitment in small towns.  She was involved in the fledgling Bishop’s Lodge project within two months of settling in. 


As project Historian she has coordinated research into the property, which culminated in the publication of the History and Guide Book in 1993 and its second edition in 2003.  She has also developed exhibitions and public programs exploring Bishop’s Lodge and its people. Her involvement as a member of the Management Committee executive has brought her into contact with a wide range of knowledgeable and fascinating museum and heritage professionals over the last three decades and she relishes the stimulating professional associations which enliven life in a small country town, providing a different world view to that offered by her “day job” as a secondary teacher. 


Creating relevance, capturing imaginations and strengthening connections to the property for local residents and visitors alike, through a wide range of public programs, educational programs and community based experiences and activities has always been of paramount importance to Mary Lou’s management philosophy.


Managing an historic property in a remote corner of the state is a constant balancing act.  Some of the weights which need to be balanced are community perceptions; management by time poor volunteers; local ....




Architect, Moruya, NSW


Peter Freeman has been involved in conservation works and documentation for over forty years. He is also the author, illustrator, contributor and publisher of over 15 books on heritage related subjects. His book about the Manse project, The Wallpapered Manse, achieved the short list in the NSW Premier's History awards. His architectural and conservation practice work has received architectural awards at State and National level.


he reconstruction and adaptive reuse of the former Presbyterian Manse in Moruya, was a text -book example of using external funding to save ....




Brian and Donna Seidler House;

Executive Director, Master Builders Association NSW  


Brian Seidler inherited a 1950 Harry designed house in 1998, and, with his family, has refurbished the house and made additions. More recently his family acquired another adjoining Harry Seidler designed house which has also undergone refurbishment. Both houses are heritage listed by local government.


Whether inherited or purchased an historic house will come with certain obligations.


How we renovate, improve or refurbish could have a direct impact on its appeal.


What is our social responsibility to the community & our society as a whole?  Should those who preserve an historic house for the benefit of the community and future generations be compensated for such an undertaking?




Modern House Real Estate Agents, Sydney, NSW

Marcus is the founder of Modern House which started with the simple but unique vision of bringing together buyers and sellers of architect-designed residences. Modern House is an ideas-based agency, always innovating in its communications to challenge the high street mass-market approach.


Modernist houses and apartments, especially those from around the mid-20th century, are increasingly rare, and part of our mission is to advocate for their preservation wherever we can. We do this through our commitment to finding buyers who appreciate design and who see themselves as custodians for a residence of architectural merit.


Most of the market wants to demolish it. Today, it is Mid-Century Modern that is widely under threat. Once it would have been Georgian, Victorian or Deco. Today, Mid-Century Modern residences are ....




Member, The Paddington Society Committee, Sydney, NSW

John has been a partner at COX Architecture since 1973 and a resident of Paddington for over 20 years. A Board member of the National Trust (NSW), President of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (NSW), a Board member of the Sydney Cove Authority and a member of the Sydney Harbour Design Review Panel for 8 years.


Paddington is one of the most significant conservation areas in Australia. It is home for thousands of people in a place with a rich history, famous for ....




Mawollok, Beaufort, Victoria

Stephen is the owner and custodian of Mawallok a 6,000 acre property 175km west of Melbourne. Mawallok is a property on the National Estate Register and Victorian Heritage Register listed as a property of great National Cultural and Heritage Significance. It has a garden designed by William Guilfoyle, Australia’s best known landscape designer (of Melbourne Botanical Gardens fame).


Stephen is currently Executive Chairman of Indago Energy Limited – an ASX listed energy technology company and is also Chairman of the Lowell Resources Fund and the founder of Mitchell Peterson Capital Partners , a small boutique corporate advisory group based in Melbourne and Hong Kong.


From 1999 to 2011, Stephen was Managing Director of ASX listed Molopo Energy Limited which he grew from a humble market capitalisation of less than $1m an into an ASX 200 company. Prior to that he was an investment banker working in New York, London and in Australia.


Stephen has a Master degree in International Economics and Politics at Johns Hopkins University in the US and a diploma of International Relations from the Bologna Centre in Italy and an Arts degree from Monash University.


Being a private custodian of an Australian rural heritage asset is a lonely and expensive task. Indeed at times it can be soul destroying ....




Arts broadcaster; writer; consultant.